Slack Time

I am occasionally guilty of over-planning and under-executing.  That said, I’m glad to have treated the business of self-publishing seriously.  As we like to say these days, there are a lot of moving parts.

A small corner of the publishing plan

Back during my initial over-planning (February), I laid out the many steps of the process I saw ahead, and I put in plenty of slack time.  I’ve now consumed most of that precious time.  I just uploaded the Fatal Score e-book, as painstakingly modified. It’s the third such upload.  I also put up the interior material for the paperback book to two sources.

Next week, the e-book goes live, though the ‘official’ launch is November 18th.  I’ll be sending requests for advance copy readers during the next week.


Internet infrastructure and the quest for ARC readers

If you drive around Minneapolis during Road Repair (known elsewhere as ‘summer’), you often notice a barricade in the street.  It surrounds an open manhole.  From that manhole  issues a man in an orange or bright green safety jacket and hardhat, brushing away a smudge of subterranean mud.  He’s working on Infrastructure, of course.

I feel like that guy must feel. I’m working on infrastructure, as well.  I hope the guy in the manhole is more competent than I am.

I’ve been down in the tunnels of the Internet, trying to splice together a connection between my website and my database of contacts.  I definitely have that metaphoric smudge of Internet detritus.

In the process of making changes prefatory to reorganizing the site for the launch of my first novel, Fatal Score, I made some changes in my Contacts page. I was preparing to offer my subscribers an advance reader (ARC) copy of the book in hopes of getting early reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.  The only way to truly test the link was to make it work in real time. Unfortunately, in my struggle to do something fancy that’s better done simply, I put up a link that led nowhere.  Twelve of you … I dearly hope you know who you are … signed up and disappeared into the Internet void.

I apologize for the mistake.  The links are now working.  Drop me a line through the Contacts page if you would like to chat or are willing to do an advance read between now and mid-November.