#%@## Amazon

Okay, John.  Square breathing.  In-hold-out-hold.  Do it again.  Again.

Didn’t work.

Self, you promised you would not screed on your blog. (When used as a verb, screed  sounds a little like the inevitable effect of food poisoning, which seems appropriate, no?)

But Amazon is so #%@## annoying.

CreateSpace, Amazon’s print-book child, is going out of business.  I was directed to port Fatal Score from CreateSpace to Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), where the e-book also resides. Earlier, when I ordered CreateSpace proofs, they came out looking like typical publishing house work product:  the word ‘proof’ on an inside page.

I completed the transfer to KDP and ordered several proof copies to give to a couple of writers who have said they will review for back cover quotes. The proofs arrived today with the annoying line ‘not for resale’ effacing my cover.

Memo to Amazon:  As much as your entrepreneurial imagining might conjure a book as similar to a single-serve packaged cupcake, it is not.  You sanctimoniously intone that the cover is perhaps the most important aspect of the book, presumably oblivious of the insult that delivers. Then you ruin the cover.  CreateSpace had the common sense to imitate a real publisher, but apparently you are much more concerned with establishing control of the distribution process than the success of the book.

No more proof copies from you.

There.  The spasm subsides.  Square breathing. In-Hold-Out-Hold.

Slack Time

I am occasionally guilty of over-planning and under-executing.  That said, I’m glad to have treated the business of self-publishing seriously.  As we like to say these days, there are a lot of moving parts.

A small corner of the publishing plan

Back during my initial over-planning (February), I laid out the many steps of the process I saw ahead, and I put in plenty of slack time.  I’ve now consumed most of that precious time.  I just uploaded the Fatal Score e-book, as painstakingly modified. It’s the third such upload.  I also put up the interior material for the paperback book to two sources.

Next week, the e-book goes live, though the ‘official’ launch is November 18th.  I’ll be sending requests for advance copy readers during the next week.