Fail Deadly, the Next Step: ß

I am almost finished with Alpha, soon to need Beta. Which is to say, I am near the end of the rewrite of my third novel, Fail Deadly.

The first draft was the easy part … six months on a roller coaster ride, wind in the face, screaming along the tracks of the plot. Unalloyed joy. Then began the hard part: Rewrite. I am truly fortunate to be a member of three critique groups, so the chapters have gone before a jury of talented writers. Line by line, character by character, week by painstaking week, they have stayed with the story. They are, in the parlance of writerdom, the Alpha readers. I am almost through integrating many of the hundreds, perhaps thousands, of suggestions.

The next step is the Beta. The Alphas can’t do it — they’re too familiar with the detail. I will need several people willing to read the manuscript all the way through, looking for character flaws, plot inconsistencies. Or perhaps most valuable to me (as well as most painful), saying, “I got bored at page X and couldn’t finish.”

If you, dear reader are interested in being a Beta, let me know through Contact page or straight to  I’ll have the manuscript in Word and PDF files, e-books in Kindle and Nook formats, as well as a few paper copies.

A Space, a Space, My Kingdom for a … Wait a Minute.

Here we are.  Eleven days to go before formal launch of Fatal Score. The last week or so has been hectic, as you can infer from the lack of a post for a couple of weeks.

The professional reviews are in … some very nice ones.  Several days ago, I excerpted them to the few lines that go on the back cover of the print book and in the e-book’s introduction.  Was ready to upload to the cover designer in Nigeria (ain’t the internet wonderful?) and noticed that in my haste, I’d left out a single space in one of the reviews.

The conclusory line in the Kirkus review is:  “A rousing launch to a thriller series that has potential regardless of which character takes the spotlight.”

Great. Add it to the others. Hurry.

I typed: “Arousing launch to a thriller series that has potential regardless of which character takes the spotlight.”

Hmmm.  Fifty shades of techno-thriller?  Maybe I should have left the mistake.