I have decided to self-publish Fatal Score, the first book in my Mayfield-Napolitani series, this November.  It has been a difficult decision, a long time coming.  I have sent many queries to agents, mostly unanswered. I’ve queried a handful of small publishers, mostly answered but no takers (though one expressed interest for a 2020 release).

As I toted up the rejections and ignores, I kept thinking the way we hopeful writers do, “Maybe next time. It’s not that my book isn’t good; it’s just that I haven’t found the right match at the right time.” Underneath it all, though, believing that to self-publish would be to admit failure.

A couple of years ago, a thought began whining in my ear like a Minnesota mosquito: maybe the traditional way of getting published is not for me.

And now I’ve decided: I’ll self-publish through my micro-publisher, Gotuit LLC, and release in November.

I am going to reorient this blog to track progress with weekly or bi-weekly comments on the many moving parts of the process.  Mark Twain called the exercise of writing about writing “chloroform in print.” I am grateful to the 250 readers who have been thus anesthetized over the several years of me reporting on my learning experience. I hope the process of publishing will be a little more interesting. If that proves true for you and you have not already done so, I hope you will sign up for e-mails (right margin).

Most important, I will look forward to your comments.

Next week:  The industry