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  1. John. Loved reading the book. I never managed a free copy for the advanced reader status so I bought one on Amazon. And now would like to review it for you. Have a few typos found. How can I get them to you? Good book, John. Am lookong forward to the next chapter in Joe’s story.

  2. John,
    Your article on AI and fiction is scary. But I doubt that it’s a threat in my or your lifetime. We have something to say, and we write stories about it. Theoretically, it’s possible to program a computer to dig thru all that info I dug through on the Cuban Missile crisis, then add all the stuff that came out of my background, and write a novel that’s better than my Goodbye Cuba or the books in your Fatal series. But I don;t think we should worry about it. At the moment we’re offering something that nobody else is producing, and it either will find an audience or it won;t.
    In your current newsletter, I clicked on the promo for free e-books, but nothing came up. Maybe it’s just my computer, but I thought I’d tell you so you could check it out.
    John Harrigan

  3. I’ve finished the ARC copy of Fail Deadly, another great Joe & Weezy read, and made some editing changes. If you’re interested, I need an email address to send the information. Thanks, Terri

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