Decision, Part One

For each of us, the publishing decision is or will be based on the material we have, yes, but also on a host of personal factors.

One of the most important and difficult is timing:  Where am I on the long road to perfecting my craft? When is my book “ready”? That’s a hard question, because it demands that we look deeply and honestly at our work, wash out as much extraneous ego as we can, and make a decision.  Agents lament that their slush piles include a lot of not ready for primetime work.  My solution is to let my critique groups’ comments drive me to a definition of my own writing maturity.

A hard question, because the road to quality never ends.  At some point, you have to put the toe in the water, realize the water’s cold, say f**k it, and do a cannonball.

I hope to make a splash.

Next:  Decision, Part Two

Welcome Recent Followers

I welcome the rush (relatively speaking) of people following my posts.  After all, twenty new followers in a few days for a blog that had but 250 before … that’s impressive.  Was is my keywords?  My insight on the publishing market?

Tashahildreth, rachelleferro, trina, izettapantera, sherrylsteffy815, you all might consider Как опубликовать книгу на Амазоне. Because Amazon will take your manuscript. There are relatively few books on the site written in Russian, but that may be just the opportunity you need.  Also, I have some questions about the language for my third novel, so drop me a line. In English, if you please.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to contact many of you directly … the folks whose addresses are from,, in particular.  Some Internet troll accuses you of being spam sites.  The nerve!

Oh, and if you were thinking of spreading fake news through my site, you’re probably out of luck. President Trump’s not following my blogs.

Or is he?