2019 … a year of surprises

Greetings! I hope your 2019 is drawing to a satisfactory close, with friends and family near.

I have been offline for about a month. I had a medical interruption in the normal flow of life, but also have been wrestling with the reality of the cyber world today. The short story is that I have had to wipe out much of my site membership. If you feel asif you’ve been excluded, please drop me a note at: jbr@johnbairdrogers.com

If anyone doubts that there is a massive effort to co-opt the cyber world we who blog and communicate via the internet live in, my story may remove some of those doubts.

I use WordPress for my blog. It is ancient by cyber world standards, having first been released in 2003. The standard install assumes that a website owner like me wants as many subscribers as possible.

About a year ago, I began to get a trickle of new users I didn’t recognize. This became a freshet, then a cascade. When I tried to track back these new users, I ran into dead ends. As of yesterday, I had just shy of 4.000 bots as members.  I have had to delete them all and make new users (subscribers) ask to join.

I will restart regular posts shortly.

A Space, a Space, My Kingdom for a … Wait a Minute.

Here we are.  Eleven days to go before formal launch of Fatal Score. The last week or so has been hectic, as you can infer from the lack of a post for a couple of weeks.

The professional reviews are in … some very nice ones.  Several days ago, I excerpted them to the few lines that go on the back cover of the print book and in the e-book’s introduction.  Was ready to upload to the cover designer in Nigeria (ain’t the internet wonderful?) and noticed that in my haste, I’d left out a single space in one of the reviews.

The conclusory line in the Kirkus review is:  “A rousing launch to a thriller series that has potential regardless of which character takes the spotlight.”

Great. Add it to the others. Hurry.

I typed: “Arousing launch to a thriller series that has potential regardless of which character takes the spotlight.”

Hmmm.  Fifty shades of techno-thriller?  Maybe I should have left the mistake.