Back on Line

What did I say ‘way back in … June? I promised a post a week. Then there was vacation and the monster computer crash I think must have been a hack or the equivalent of my computer having a massive stroke.  Finally reconstructed the file system enough to find my blog.  Great relief … almost everything I do depends in some about this infernal machine.

Glad to be back … a lot to talk about.  See you very soon.

4 thoughts on “Back on Line

  1. The more devices we have, the more we can be sure that every day will bring half and hour of remedial work to get something to work again that was working fine yesterday. Sometime much worse, like monster crash or bad virus. Glad to have you back.

    • Weaver: Well said, as usual. Those glittering castles of tech in California, adding marvelous riches to our lives, discount the overhead they demand. I feel like Hansel, eating bits of the witch’s delicious home, beginning to suspect that all is not candy and cookies.

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