The World in a Decade – Thanks!

When I asked you, my friends and readers, for your take on the world a few years from now, I expected comments responding to the post.

I waitedWaiting

and waited

and waited

… nothing.

Then I realized the comment section wasn’t working and your comments were in a special folder in my e-mail.  So I stopped mumbling under my breath. One friend was probably right that I jumped the gun having Congress start using genetic data to ration healthcare by five or six years from now.  Hell, just getting the roads fixed is in the Too Hard column for Congress.  My friend Weaver gave me a prescient warning three years ago that I’d better deal with drones, so I was glad to see his references to several articles (the media does tend to look forward at the end of a year).  I got some help on the likelihood of grid coverage or lack thereof and the staying power of wired connections. A member of one of the critique groups that are pulling me (slowly) toward good writing mentioned that the implanted blue tooth devices I imagined in my second novel are just around the corner, not the few years away I imagine.  Another friend comments that I haven’t really addressed demographics … I have no Muslims, just Bostonians, North Dakotans, Floridians, good old boys.  The third book will have Muslims.

Thanks to all of you!

Your thoughts?

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