Congratulations to Me!

Top 40The note from Reverbnation, the website I use to manage my tiny music presence, said I broke into the Top 40.

#39 in blues, in fact.

That means one of several things:  1) Reverbnation has very few blues artists, 2) There was some unexplainable glitch in an algorithm constructed by an antisocial 16-year-old under contract to Reverbnation, or 3) somebody wants to sell me something.

Which brings us to the point of the post:  Is it me, or does the electronic miasma create everyone as a winner.  Conversely, is it possible to be on social media and NOT be a winner?  This may be the result of having told children that ‘everyone is a winner’ often enough that the ones who have grown up and are social media entrepreneurs actually believe that it’s a requisite part of being ‘serious’ to create winners.

I really enjoy playing the blues.  I’ve sold, oh about 100 of my CDs (and given away many more). I played a couple of times at the Terminal Bar in Minneapolis after having relocated from Florida (where I did have an active musical life).  But I broke into the Top 40.  My step is a little jauntier today.

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