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I Hope you’ll join me in exploring the fictional world of Joe Mayfield and Louise Napolitani. Joe would like to tell you he’s an ordinary guy; Weezy Napolitani would tell you he’s much more. Then there’s Weezy, Tracker for the hastily-constructed national firewall, hacker extraordinaire, ferociously intelligent. And, yes … there’s no national firewall … yet. The novels are set in a world a few years from now (and technology is collapsing my timeline … gotta get a move on or I’ll be writing history).

The grid  is failing, the ransom demand is a billion dollars, and the only person who can save the day has disappeared. 


Lights go out in Maine. Then Georgia. A ransom note demands one billion dollars. As Weezy, Joe, and the government struggle to find a solution. Then Weezy gets a fail deadly—a ticking time bomb of data that will destroy the Russian oligarchs if it’s released on the ’net. When Weezy is kidnapped by the Sobaki to force her to keep the fail deadly closed, she becomes the NSA’s prime suspect. Joe’s frantic search for her leads him to becoming a prisoner, too. As Weezy’s hacker friends and the NSA race to find them, how long can she withstand the cruel agony of torture? If they can’t outwit the Sobaki, the lights will go out permanently for all of them.

Fail Deadly is the third Mayfield – Napolitani thriller featuring Joe Mayfield, a self-professed ordinary guy and Weezy Napolitani, a math whiz and hacker extraordinaire.