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I Hope you’ll join me in exploring the fictional world of Joe Mayfield and Louise Napolitani. Joe would like to tell you he’s an ordinary guy; Weezy Napolitani would tell you he’s much more. Then there’s Weezy, Tracker for the hastily-constructed national firewall, hacker extraordinaire, ferociously intelligent. And, yes … there’s no national firewall … yet. The novels are set in a world a few years from now (and technology is collapsing my timeline … gotta get a move on or I’ll be writing history).


.What would you do when the person you love was told medical treatment was hopeless … and you knew that was dead wrong? The answer sends Joe Mayfield on a quest for truth, aided by a brilliant data analyst and a cadre of hackers.




In the world of finance, if you can foresee the worst-case scenario, you can protect against it.  If you can make it happen, you can profit enormously Joe’s dream job lands him and Weezy in a world of European elegance and murder.