Fatal Score launch

The e-mail campaign to get early reviewers for Fatal Score launched today for a launch in mid-November. The first chapter is here as a pdf and here if you wish to listen to it. (I’m planning to put audio up on Amazon early in 2019.)  

I have some great reviews, and, reading through the current version of the book (which is rewrite 14), I realize how indebted I am to the many writers who have helped me grow in the craft.

There is a common story among writers about the first book: we write a draft, think it’s pretty good, send out queries to agents, realize the manuscript needs more work, rewrite, rewrite rewrite.  When the book is finally as good as it’s going to be, we look back and chuckle at our naïveté.  I started Fatal Score in 2011.  Next one will be easier.

Back on Line

What did I say ‘way back in … June? I promised a post a week. Then there was vacation and the monster computer crash I think must have been a hack or the equivalent of my computer having a massive stroke.  Finally reconstructed the file system enough to find my blog.  Great relief … almost everything I do depends in some about this infernal machine.

Glad to be back … a lot to talk about.  See you very soon.