Writing No Genres!

No Genres!

Louise Penny, quoted in the New York Times book review, August 24th:  “I don’t buy into the notion of genres, perhaps for obvious reasons. I think that’s an effective marketing tool, but nothing more. Good storytelling is good storytelling. There are no borders or boundaries in literature and to try to define is to limit. …

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Mechanics The Grammar Question

The Grammar Question

One of the great advantages my writing groups give me is a breadth of vision about ‘normal’ grammar. I’ve learned to stay in the middle of the grammar continuum, which to me looks like this: Stuffy <——————————————-> Stupid-boring It’s pretty easy to stay away from the far ends. I can’t have my characters saying, “There’s …

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Mechanics Bring/Take and the Surrender of Grammar to Chaos

Bring/Take and the Surrender of Grammar to Chaos

This morning, the Sunday New York Times delivered a shot upside the head before I even read about Ebola or the insanity that is ISIS.The bag.  It was the bag.  There, in the upper right corner “Bring it Back” from the NYT. Bring it Back? Really?  Not “Recycle it?” Since the delivery person already brought …

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