A Good Laugh

I am finishing the mastering (read: fixing) the audio recording of Fatal Score in hopes of going live in time for an author event.  (For those of you in Minnesota, it’s at The Loft in Minneapolis on February 26th.  I’m one of eight writers participating.  If you’re on my list, I’ll be bugging you about it shortly.)  

Self-publishing has often been considered a failure on the part of the writer. My friends have been polite, but the serious writers among them are holding out for representation and the big time. I went ‘Amazon only’, which I think was a mistake, at least for me. So here I am at the computer, itching to begin novel #4, but instead excising plosives and other mouth noise from the audio.

But … but … but … today’s mail brought that medicine which we can all use:  a good laugh.  It came from a good friend, Weaver Gaines, which made it doubly sweet. 

And here it is, courtesy of and no doubt copyrighted by the New Yorker. 

Courtesy of the New Yorker via Weaver Gaines

Season’s Greetings

The holidays are passing, and I am getting ready to address the rest of the business of launching Fatal Score.  

It has been a modest success.  The marvelous launch party has come and gone.  Fatal Score received the signal honor of having its full review run in the Kirkus end-of-year catalog issue.  I will shortly address book stores and libraries in the Twin Cities area.

I have an audiobook to get out by February, not a trivial task, but I have started mastering (fitting the studio recording to the requirements of Audible). I read the book myself, mostly in my son Edward’s studio in Santa Monica, CA, and partly at Brytespot studio here in Minneapolis.

I’m almost finished reading the third book, Fail Deadly, to what has become a very talented, insightful group of other writers.

Most writers don’t revel in the business side of writing.  For me, it’s okay.  Of course, I’d rather have more time to struggle through the early stages of book four, as yet untitled.  I have the idea well in hand:  we think of the coming of gene therapy as a virtually unalloyed good, but what good hasn’t been turned to sinister purposes?  I need more time to research, though.  (Incidentally, if anyone out there can answer questions about Parkinson’s or Lou Gehrig’s diseases and speculate about whether the damage is reversible with gene therapy, I’d love to hear from you.)

Finally, Happy New Year. It will be an interesting one.