Fatal Score Book Club Questions

  • Why didn’t Joe do more to save his wife?  He knew something was wrong with her HealthScore right away.  How would you react to a diagnosis for which there was a likely cure, but the cure was not available to you?
  • How will people’s behavior change from today as the world becomes nearly 100% connected?
  • Should Weezy have recognized the pain in Joe’s eyes when she plopped down in the diner booth across from him on page 1?
  • Panacea, Florida is part of the old, deep South. Joe’s familiar with the culture from having spent teenage years in Tallahassee, but Weezy’s not.  How do Joe and Weezy adjust to the life and the people?
  • Why does Weezy agree to go to Panacea?  Why not just call the FBI when it’s clear thst she’s in danger?
  • Have you met a person like Milt James, Joe’s boss and Assistant-By-God Treasurer?  The man Joe thinks of as a dyed-in-the-wool Prick with a capital P.
  • How is it that ferociously smart Weezy comes to admire Joe Mayfield, who would like the world to think of him as an ordinary guy?
  • Discuss the book’s estimation that the US will have near-universal health care in the near future and how believable the concept of HealthScore is.