Greetings!  I’m so glad you stopped by.

If you responded to an e-mail from me, you have arrived at the Contact page of my website.  In the e-mail, I asked if you would like a newsletter and/or are willing to sign on to read an advance copy of my debut novel, Fatal Score.

If you need help deciding, check out these samples:

Read    Read Chapter 1 of Fatal Score

Listen    Listen to Chapter 1 of Fatal Score

When you’re finished, click “Return” to come back here.

The newsletter issues just a few times a year (I promise) and will cover events related to my novels, the occasional short story and reviews of books by writers I know.

Advance Reader:  If you sign on as an advance reader, I will I will send you a free copy of the Fatal Score in advance of launch with the expectation that you will read it and give an honest review on Amazon and (I hope)

Sign up:

Anything else … music inquiry, comments on writing, songs, life in general … email me at


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  1. John. Loved reading the book. I never managed a free copy for the advanced reader status so I bought one on Amazon. And now would like to review it for you. Have a few typos found. How can I get them to you? Good book, John. Am lookong forward to the next chapter in Joe’s story.

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