Fiction My timeline is collapsing.

My timeline is collapsing.

Yesterday’s New York Times headline read, nay, screamed: Cyberattacks Put Russian Fingers on the Switch at Power Plants, U.S. Says  (NYT, 3/15/18) … And blew my fictional timeline to bits. The first Joe Mayfield/Louise Napolitani novel, Fatal Score, turned on the idea that a good technological development (gene sequencing and analysis) is borrowed to shore …

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Fiction Cyberwar


Not long ago, a writer friend said, “You’d better get published quickly, or your concept will be part of history.” He’s right. Back when I got the idea for my first novel, Fatal Score, I thought there would be a future war in cyberspace. I guessed at the time (2011) that it would start with …

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Technology Overhead


Overhead:  That concept they lay on you at the auto dealership when you wonder why it costs $70 per hour to fix your car. Overhead:  A life concept I too often ignore. I digress today from writing about writing per se to talk about the real-world business of writing. Specifically, is this new age better? …

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