New Titles from Writing Group Authors

Two writing group friends have new books out:

John Harrigan, former foreign service officer and professor has an historic thriller, Crosshairs on Castro.  What if, in the confusion that surrounded the Cuban missile crisis in 1962, the government decided to assassinate Castro?Crosshairs

John weaves this plot around meticulously researched details from the historical record.  Edge-of-the-chair exciting!  See more of John’s writing at his website.


Jacy Sutton’s Available to Chat is a new take on a very old subject:  Love, lust, and the interesting in-between.  The first line of the blurb is, “People tell Olivia that her online beau may actually help her fading marriage.”  We know how that turns out, right?  Well, no, we don’t.  It’s complicated, interesting, full of great conversations and convolutions.  See more at Jacy’s website.

There’s another coming soon from Karla Jorissen that pits a couple of smart women against a cadre of bad and semi-bad guys.  I’ll let you know …


Your thoughts?

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